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afraid of your paradise

collage on playboy magazine

Pictures from porn magazines have been transformed through the collage technique in order to critique sex and beauty models. They are displayed as deities of our time but they are canceled from repetition and from a natural landscape that creates a fake garden of Eden. Objectification of woman has been replaced by forms of unconscious that reside in the dream world of the odd.                                                                                                                                                    

Eraser on beauty magazine

Separation and separation wounds are healed from the cancellation of narcissistic ad models. Neglect of a megalomania where the ego of narcissus can’t love anything other than himself. Strong selfishness protects him from diseases but he finally gets sick because he can not love .                                                                                                                                                

collage from fashion magazine

Advertisements from beauty magazines (products and beauty models) are being recreated, built and degraded through the collage technique.These pictures, that are often unsightly, grotesque and non-functional suggest not only a new aesthetic against the imposed from media but also a reconsideration of our needs.

Prodromos charalampidis

wallpaper from digital collage

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