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Did I Dream My Life or Is It Real

My most recent work is titled 'Did I Dream My Life or Is It Real'.


This work is a continuation of my previous series, 'Rest In Pool', in which the human element was not present within the landscapes, but rather the viewer was situated outside of them. The human element was implied through the human-made constructions.


Now, the figure is placed within the space to show the fragility of human existence. The female figure is depicted almost always alone. Even when other forms appear in the space, the gaze seems to continue looking inward. Stripped bare, she resembles the displaced Eve looking at the Paradise she once lost, or the one in which she is trapped.


Personal memories, excerpts from films, images from Internet, Instagram and Netflix, as well as photographs from the past two years of my life in Cyprus, create a new narrative in which the familiar becomes unfamiliar.

Download below the Catalogue of the series:
Did I dream My Life or Is it Real
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